MAD Suspension Springs

Coil springs

A steady support
Our auxiliary coil suspension systems provide additional support to the original suspension system in specific deployment a/o loading conditions. This keeps the camper/motorhome visibly at height at the rear and maintains traction when accelerating (front-wheel drive). In addition, driveability and stability improve, which contributes to safety.

It is also possible for most campers/motorhomes to replace the front springs with lift springs. These are 25% stronger and +/- 20 mm longer than the original springs, which will raise the vehicle. Thus, sufficient suspension travel remains available in all circumstances and the bumpstop is reached less quickly, increasing comfort on poor road surfaces and speed bumps.

The advantages of coil suspension system:

  • Provides constant support to the original suspension system;
  • Prevents the rear of the vehicle from sagging;
  • Spring travel remains available when loaded (= comfort);
  • Cost-effective solution;
  • Easy to install and maintenance free;
  • Improves comfort, stability and driveability;
  • More ground clearance when combined with lift springs on the front axle;
  • Ideal for bus campers.
MAD Suspension