HPC Hyrdraulics Motorhome Leveling System

What could be better than a hassle free perfectly level motorhome in seconds?

We provide the high quality HPC Hydraulic Levelling System at a competitive price. This system works to provide the convenience of a level and stable motorhome in less than 90 seconds, leaving you free to do anything else.

Benefits of the HPC Hydraulic Self-Levelling System:

  • Level in just 90 seconds
  • Lightweight just 40Kgs
  • Aluminium anodised jacks will not rust
  • Easily change a tyre or fit snow chains
  • Smart phone app control
  • Modern touch screen operation panel
  • 4 different level settings (level 1, level 2, tank drain, stabilise)
  • No rocking on the suspension
  • 12V or 24V
  • Intelligent diagnostic history logging
  • Take the weight off the wheels
  • Doesn’t get stuck in the mud
  • Lift up to 30 tonnes
  • Maintenance free for 5 years (oil change)

HPC Hydraulics