Fully Automatic MA-VE levelling System for your Motorhome or camper.

We all want our motorhome holiday to be enjoyable, comfortable and stress free.
Arriving on site and having to take out blocks, kneel on a muddy pitch and shout instructions to the driver while checking a spirit level isn’t conducive to any of the above. Arriving on site and pushing a button definitely is!

The Ma-Ve system levels, stabilises and secures your vehicle in less than 2 minutes. Before the kettle has boiled the four jacks will be locked in position ensuring fridges operate correctly, food doesn’t slide around the plate, shower trays empty and your night’s sleep is a good one.

Operated by the simple control panel or free smart phone app, the system can also be adjusted manually to change a tyre, empty water tanks or even winterise your vehicle.
The quality of the MA-VE system is such that we confidently offer a 3 year “Fit and Forget” warranty with every system. Should there be an issue (and we certainly don’t expect that there will) MA-VE will send and engineer on site, anywhere in the UK within 24 hours, to resolve the problem.

A product with the quality and value of a Ma-Ve system is a sound investment so, if you change your motorhome, the MA-VE system is designed to be removed and re-installed on your new vehicle without difficulty.

When you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

MA-VE Levelling System