MAD Air Suspension

Air suspension

Advanced adjustability
With MAD's air suspension systems, a camper/motorhome gains ride comfort and improves road holding and driveability. Easily set the desired ride height on the stylish control panel to level the camper/motorhome. The height can be adjusted left and right separately. Ideal for campers/motorhomes where weight differences may occur due to the interior design or the way the vehicle is equipped or loaded.

With the full air suspension system on the rear axle, you choose ultimate convenience and comfort. The automatic height control keeps the camper/motorhome at the preset ride height under all loading conditions, and the air suspension bellows effortlessly absorb any unevenness in the road surface. Thus, driver and passengers are optimally comfortable and safe on the way to their destination under all conditions.

The advantages of an air suspension system:

  • Provides adjustable support to the original suspension system;
  • Adjustable ride height so that the camper/motorhome can be adjusted to height, including left and right separately. Useful for driving on and off a ferry and when levelling the vehicle;
  • Provides maximum comfort and improves stability with varied loading;
  • More direct vehicle response, improving driveability;
  • Reduces cornering roll and crosswind sensitivity;
  • Comes complete and pre-assembled;
  • More ground clearance when combined with lift springs on the front axle;
  • Ideal for semi integral and integral campers/motorhomes.
MAD Air Suspension