Air Suspension Systems

Fitted to some Motorhomes as standard, the extra support they give you is second to none. Helping to increase handling, payload and distribution – they’ve even been known to help fuel economy!

  • Semi-Air with Gauges

As the above kit – but has a set of gauges in a visible place. The inflator’s are there with them so they can be easily adjusted.

  • Compressor Kit with Semi-Air

This system has a dash controlled inflate / deflate option to allow easy and constant adjustment to your vehicle. This can help to increase ride height and change handling depending on circumstances such as: Full tanks, Scooter carriage & navigating over speed humps.

Top Drive Suspension by Esi Italia

Air-suspension can be very important for Motor Homes. Whether this is for improved comfort, stability or enabling a vehicle to be raised to get on and on ferry’s, we have the solution.

As one of the top manufacturers, Top-Drive produces a range of air-suspensions which are wider than anyone else, even manufacturing systems for other AirSuspension manufacturers. From semi air on LCV’s and Vans – right the way up to full air systems for commercial use. Got a Ford Ranger Pickup? We’ve got a kit!

Did you know, TopDrive are the manufacturers choice. All AutoSleepers Peugeot models are fitted with our systems as standard.

The most popular model base vehicles:

  • FIAT Ducato
  • PEUGEOT Boxer
  • CITROËN Relay

For more information and to arrange a fitting date please call us on 0141 773 1212.


*Different chassis/base models can be an additional cost, other products including Drive-Rite & Al-Ko please call for confirmation