Habitation Check (Habitation Service)

An annual motorhome Habitation Service also known as a Habitation Check is important for a number of reasons including your safety, it's performance and resale value.  In the first few years it is important to have the Motorhome Service carried out to keep the warranty valid. When you’re out of the warranty period, regular Habitation Checks will help your motorhome retain its resale value. Many buyers won’t take on a motorhome which doesn’t have a complete service history. Most importantly, the check inspects the habitable areas of your motorhome for safety (such as the gas systems) and operational performance.

The Motorhome Repair Centre is an NCC (National Caravan Council) Approved Workshop and follows their service checklist as well as specific manufacturer guidelines. The full NCC recommended series of tests for a habitation service is available to  Download here. It covers everything from the underbody and the bodywork to gas, electrics and the water system and takes in the region of 3 to 4 hours to complete.

Our service engineers use a range of specialist equipment to thoroughly check the living area of your motorhome and you will be provided with a Gas Safe Installation Certificate, Electrical Testing Certificate and Damp Readings.

Please note that a Habitation Service does not include servicing of engine or road legal requirements. We undertake all motorhome engine servicing and MOT work so please ask for more information.