Dampness Checks

If damp is not detected and remedied in time, water ingress can become a very expensive repair.  All caravans, regardless of model or age, can be susceptible to damp.

Manufacturers recommend that a damp check is carried out at least once a year. This simple check can help prolong the life and serviceability of your caravan whilst also helping to maintain a pleasant and comfortable holidaying environment.

The only way damp can be detected is by using a protimeter, the industry’s recognised tool for the job. This should be used by engineers who are trained and experienced in damp repairs.

It is important to always remain vigilant to signs of damp in between readings:

  • Keep an eye out for signs of staining on the interior wallboards and fabrics.
  • Look out for condensation on the inside of the windows.
  • Run your finger along the interior wallboards and inside cupboards for signs of softness or pitting (small bumps).
  • Check external rails and mouldings for dents and gaps.
  • Check window seals and frames for signs of water penetration.
  • Look to see if any internal screws are rusted.